To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic album ‘All Change’, Liverpool band Cast will unite with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra for a unique live performance in December.

Originally released in 1995 following John Power’s songwriting experiments with The La’s, the multi-platinum debut album spent more than a year on the charts and found it’s way into the hearts of millions. Anthem’s like Finetime and Alright were cemented by a formidable live reputation and Noel Gallagher wasn’t alone in describing Cast’s live performance as a religious experience. 20 years later, with 5 Cast albums and a career of musicianship under their belt, today the band sound tighter than ever.

Following a 23 week run in the charts, Walkaway, the fourth single to be released from All Change, and Cast’s first featuring string arrangements, went on to became the emotional soundtrack to Euro ‘96 and cemented the band’s place in people’s history, followed up by hits like Flying, Guiding Star and the David Arnold scored ‘Magic Hour’.

John Power explains “When I’m singing some of the classic hits everything all goes a bit slow motion, the audience is getting on them and we’re getting on them, something is happening. They’ve reached that point now where they feel ageless, and that a connection with part of me and part of you and a part of us all that is agelessdoesn’t get older and has always been, and it’s a reaffirming sort of place to be.”

The 20th anniversary will be a unique chance to hear the now classic songs alongside original and new orchestral arrangements played by the oldest surviving professional symphony orchestra in the UK. With a career of hits and album tracks that featured string arrangements next to guitars, Cast alongside the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is almostworth waiting 20 years for.