We are very pleased to announce that we will be booking Melanie C in association with Spider Touring.

Melanie’s first solo venture was featuring on the hit single ‘When You’re Gone’ with Bryan Adams. Incredibly successful across Europe, it entered the UK charts at Number 3 and gave Melanie aspirations for more solo projects.

As a solo artist, Melanie has released seven solo albums – Northern Star (1999) and Reason (2003) were released on Virgin Records and after setting up her own label, Red Girl Records, in 2004, she released Beautiful Intentions (2005), This Time (2007), The Sea (2011), Stages (2012) and Version Of Me (2017) as an independent. She has achieved over 3 million album sales, two Number 1 singles and six top 10 singles.

We are thrilled that Melanie joins our roster for 2018.